Statement from the Coalition of BC Businesses

RE: Increase in BC’s minimum wage

The Coalition of BC Businesses expected that there would be an increase to minimum wage for 2016. The increase announced today is larger than expected, but by giving 2 years of increases creates some predictability and allows small and medium businesses to plan forward. The Coalition is encouraged by other measures being introduced by the government including the reduction of the small business tax from 2.5% to 1.5% and increased funding for skills training through the Canada Jobs Grant. The Coalition would still like to see future minimum wage increases tied to CPI.

The Coalition of BC Businesses was formed in 1992 to represent the voice of small and medium-sized businesses in the development of British Columbia’s labour and employment policies. The Coalition’s main focus is the development of labour and employment policies that will help foster a positive relationship between employers and employees and a climate for new economic growth, opportunities and jobs.