Update on Coalition’s intervener status

The BC Supreme Court of Appeal has granted the Coalition of BC Businesses intervener status in the case British Columbia Teachers’ Federation v. British Columbia.

In his ruling The Honourable Mr. Justice Tysoe stated, “… it [the Coalition] will make a useful contribution to the interpretation of s. 2(d) of the Charter that is different from the perspective of the parties to the appeal. It will provide the perspective of small and medium-sized business interests in the private sector, and its viewpoint may be of assistance to the Court in determining the issues in the appeal.”

To be clear, the Coalition is not taking on teachers, or getting into the teachers strike. Coalition members feel that teachers are doing a good job as shown by recent national and international studies. (re: Gary Mason article in the Globe). However the Coalition is concerned that the Courts have overstepped their scope. The Coalition has been granted intervener status to ensure that the appeal case includes a business / taxpayer perspective. The Coalition has done this on a number of Labour Relations legal cases in the past.